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Engine Trail Build


Engine trial build
An important part of a car is the engine, and the originall 1200cc unit was not going to cut the mustard. Thus I fitted a 2276cc motor! I have tried used a mixture of new performance parts and vintage period correct parts (both standard and performance), and I was hoping to run a DDS twist linkage. However, I just couldn’t get it to work with the MSD dizzy as it caught on the side of this. Shame as it looked great. :-(

In the end I used a BERG linakage, and I am really pleased with it how it looks. :-)

The mock up build of the engine took a lot longer than thought as a lot of parts had to be adjusted or modified. For example, due to the DDS manifolds turning the carbs around 180 degrees and the arms open outwards, I ended up having to make linkage arms to make it all work. I'm pleased with it though as it looks very similar to the linkage set up’s used in early DKP cars.

DDS manifolds and Ractrim valve covers (n.b. the DDS manifolds were later changed to a set of short BERG manifold as it was decided there was not enough meat on them to port).

Threaded fitting were welded onto the rocker covers for breather lines. Again thanks to Bob from Concept Racing.

A cal-look car needs cal-look carbs, the obligatory 48IDA's.

CSP breather/ oil filler are very remaniscant of the BERG items, and very good quality.

Jaycee breather take off.

DDS pump cover.


Engine bay
I’ve have also been busy in the engine bay! Fuel lines and regulator are now fitted (as well as the MSD coil on the firewall). Anodised P clips used throughout to keep it tidy.

Even under the car!

I also fitted the high torque starter motor (after a good clean up) that I brought second hand.


Engine fitted
And finally the most exciting bit! The engine has been slotted in! :-)

Thanks to Stretch for helping me get it in, and for all those who say it can’t be done, it did go in with the fanhousing on!! The short DDS manifolds allow the engine lid to shuts without standoffs as well which I'm really pleased about.


Engine hanger
To stop the engine moving around under load, I fitted a BERG engine brace. Now although this is pretty much a bolt on affair, me being me I decided to do it a bit differently.

I didn’t like the way the bracket bolted through the inner wheel arch so I welded the bracket on instead.

As usually nothing just fits, and the rod that drop down to the bar fouled the oil filter bracket and hoses. I got round this by fitting some extension pieces in between the hose fittings and hose ends, which can be seen below.

Another thing that I didn’t like about the original BERG setup I was the way that the bar that dropped from the bracket rubbed against the bumper mount. This would have just attracted rust. Thus I made my own brackets which mounted the bar slightly further away from the body.

I also did not like the way in which the bar just sat under the engine, as I was concerned it might slip off (for example, under a heavy launch). Thus I welded a locating tab (ok it’s a bolt!) onto the metal seat of the rubber stop, which located into the front engine hole (which had been ground into a half moon shape for some reason?).

These pictures shows more clearly how it fits onto the engine.

And the engine support bracket all fitted up.


External oil cooler
Next up I fitted an external oil cooler. I decided I wanted a external cooler (as well as the standard cooler) as I’d heard stories of big engine car over heating in traffic que’s, a fact of life in the UK.......

Now originally I had got a complete fan and cooler set up. However, I planned to fit it under the rear parcel shelf, and as usual it didn’t fit!! Thus I had to do some modifications.

And heres it hidden away underneath the car.

The oil line connections to the oil filter and motor.

And the thermostat so that the oil only goes through the fan when needed. A thermostat switch is also fitted to automatically turn the fan on when the oil gets hot.


I always wanted something a bit special exhaust wise, so I went to see a long time friend of mine Turbo Thomas who custom made me this absolute stunning 1 3/4" merged header with turbo muffler. I am really pleased with it as the fit is perfect, the welding is stunning, and he positioned the muffler exactly where I wanted it to sit under the rear valance. You just don't get something that well made or as good a fit off the shelf.

Turbo uses a more modern style collector, which is held on with springs, which I think looks super good. :-)

So that's it, time to start stripping it down for paint.

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