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In Paint

Well, finally the update I been waiting to put up. The car is painted!

I cannot thank Stevo at Double H Restoration enough for all his hard work, the paint is amazing!! This is not even polished yet, this is straight out the gun. Dude you’re a legend.

And here are some of the body parts painted.


Painted and Polished
Well the car is finally in paint and polished. I cannot thank Stevo at Double H Restoration enough. His work is awesome. Its over 48 hours since I saw it and I’m still smiling like a loon!!


Other Parts Painted
Whilst were talking paint, I have painted and detailed a lot of the car internal myself. Here a selection of a few of these.

The wiper motor mechanism.

The SWF washer bottle.

Door check straps.

Coil bracket.

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