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Rear Wheel Arch Bolt Line Repair (Driver Side)
Next area to be repaired was the rear wing stud line. This was generally not to bad, and as the rest of the inner quarter panel was solid I decide to repair the rust holes rather than replace the whole panel. Where the captive nut was removed I re-used the original ones, by cleaning them up and welded them back in!


Rear Bumper Hanger Replacment (Driver Side)
Although the rear bumper mount looked reasonably ok, examination of it from underneath showed a few small holes. Once the bumper hanger was removed however these small holes became a lot of rot!

I decide to replace the whole area using a wolfparts bumper repair panel. Although these panels aren't cheap, they are excellent being perfect reproductions, and also a very good fit. Although it took a fair bit of measuring, the panel was actually fairly simple to fit.


Gutter Repair (Driver Side)
The gutter had also started to lift in a few places, so these were removed, and sand blasted underneath, with new steel being folded over and welded on.


Rear Window Vent Repair
One of the repairs i was most worried about doing was the rear window corners as the rot had gone all the way down into the vents. This was a big problem as there are no repair panels avaialable for this area.

After a lot of searching i did however manage to find a good condition panel from a early small window car, which was used to repair the rot.


Front Window Corner Repair
As with the rear, the front window corners was also rotted out. Although a small repair panel was available, it was actually quite a tricky repair, as I had to replace both the inner and outer panels. Not only was the inner panel really tricky to make, but it was also really awkward to get the welder in.

Here’s the hole as it started off.

And heres what i was left with after cutting the rot out and cleaning it up with a wire brush!

The awkward inner pannel. This was quite tricky to make.

Inner panel welded in.


Dash Repair
Next up was the flat dash panel behind the tank. This was quite pitted and beyond saving. However it was a pretty easy to replace.


Fuel Tank Lip Repair
These photos need no real explanation. The fuel tank lip was rotten so it got replaced.


Front Scuttle Repair
Again, no real explanation needed. After cleaning up a bit of rot was found in the front scuttle panel. This was cut out and replaced.

Then the seal strip was welded on.

That's it! Passenger side done! Time to turn the car round and see how bad the other side is!!

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