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Heater channel repair (Passenger Side)
Haven’t had a chance to do much on the 58 recently. However I did manage to find a spare weekend, and repair the passenger side heater channel. This side was actually a lot better than the drivers side as I didn't have to replace the bottom of the rear quarter!

Anyway here’s what I had to start with.

Although these small rust holes probably could have been patched I thought it would be better to just do the whole side so that the rust wouldn’t be back in a few years time.

A repro panel was again used, and again it was modified to be exactly the same as per original (See the notches! Buffer heaven!)

All that was left then was to weld her in!

I was pleased with how this went as I managed to keep the original bottom of the quarter with the half moon pressing! Geeky I know, but I like it!


A Post Repair (Passenger Side)
After cleaning up the A post with a cup brush I found a small hole on the inside and a larger one on the outside of the A post.

It was a close decisions as to whether to replace the whole A post, but in the end I decided to keep as much genuine steel as I could, and to just let some new steel in where needed.

The outside of the A post also had a few small rot holes. Whilst the top one could be welded up, the botom one needed cutting out and fresh steel letting in.

Painted inside to stop the rot.


Front Inner Quarter Repair (Passenger Side)
A small patch or rot was also found in the inner front quarter. This was soon dealt with.


Rear quarter repair (Passenger Side)
Haven’t got much done recently on the bug what with Christmas, New Years etc, however last week I managed to get a few days working on the bug despite the artic like conditions here in the UK.

I hadnt been looking forward to doing this section again, after doing the other side, but this time i was lucky enough to find a good condition panel that had been cut out of a car, so the work on this side was much quicker compared to the other.

So here’s what I started off with.

Firstly I cut out the rotten steel work, and prepare the panels to be welded too/ sealed up.

Here's how the donor panel sat. Not a bad fit. It good to have actuall genuine panels!

Time to weld it in and grind the welds back.

Next up was the small repair on the boot floor. I don’t know anywhere that actually reproduces this panel so it had to be hand formed. However, I had to do the same repair on the other side and while I made that panel up I also did one for this side!

Finally I just had to repair the rear quarter where it meets the wing stud line. I used part of a repair panel, however it had to be reshaped a lot to actually get it to fit as well as it does.


Rear Wheel Arch Bolt Line Repair (Passenger Side)
Right I finally got a bit more done! I have repaired the rear wheel arch studline. Not much to say here as the pictures say it all.

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