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Chasis build up
Last time I put any photos up the floor pan was just painted. However, over the last few month I been working on it really hard, and at last it's finally rolling!

Please note, this is not final finish, it is simply a trial fit to make sure everything fits/ works. I’m really glad I did this, as I’ve had to modify a number of parts!

And the back end!


Front suspension and steering
A four inch narrowed beam with sway away adjusters is fitted at the front. Large nuts have been welded on to tie rods, to make tracking adjustment easier, and a later steering damper has been fitted. To get the car lower, disk brake king and link pin drop spindles have also been used.

Due to the very tight tolerances on the beam the outer cover of the KYB shocks were actually catching on the beam shock tower. Thus although not ideal, they were removed.

Later on the early steering box was also replaced for a later one. This was done as I didnt like the front tyres rubbing on the inner arch (discovered when the body was back on), which could cause damage to them and be dangerous.

The later box all fitted up (pleased note: I have redone the bad welding when the beam was removed form the car!).


Front brakes
At the front I fitted later disk brakes drilled to Porsche pattern, and have up rated the callipers to Talbot horizon units. Shock are KYB Gas adjust standard length, as drop spindles have been fitted to get the 4" narrowed beam into the weeds. Also note the welded on nut on the tie rod, to make tracking adjustment easier.

Stainless flexi hoses.


Rear brakes
Here are the rear brakes. CB Roto Hub disks have been fitted. These were originally blank but have been drilled to Porsche pattern.

One thing I never liked on early cars was the bracket which was bent around the axle tube to secure the brake pipe. It just meant that any paint you put on it would crack and peel on install. Therefore I adapted the original to mount in two halves, as well as secure both the brake line, and handbrake cable out the way of the rear shocks.

I also initially made a error and used hard brake lines to the calipers. As the calipers move these would eventially brake. Thus these were replace with stainless flexi howses.


Brake system
Here you can see the brake systems hidden away in front of the bulkhead under the inner arches. A duel circuit master cylinder (changed later, see previous) is fitted as well as a Hurst line lock.

The brake lines at the back. Yes, I have polished them!!


Fuel system
Here you can see the fuel system hidden away in front of the bulkhead under the inner arches.

The fuel line has been run through the middle of the chassis, and here you can see it going into the specially modified cover plate. -6AN fittings, and braided hose have been used throughout. All fitting are either stealth black or blue to match with the colour scheme of the car.

Here you can see where the fuel line exits the tunnel. This was a proper pain as I had to remove the beam and gearbox again to get it in!


Other stuff
Here’s the pedal assembly all detailed and fitted up. The assembly has been modified to accept a later style spring. Also the weak S bracket connecting the pedal to the accelerator rod has been replaced by rose joints for a much more precise action.

Here’s the tunnel inspection plate. This has been modified to take 3 stainless button screw, just cause I like how it looked!

As pictured previously a BERG mid mount has been fitted.

And finally a shot of a happy me!

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