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I have been through a few dash layouts, but here’s the final layout in terms of gauges. Stock speedo, mechanical Motometer pressure and temperature gauges, Motometer tacho (n.b. this was later changed to a VDO tacho due to issues of getting the dehne working), and a Dehne fuel gauge. The shift light is attached to the column.

The observant amoung you will notice the speedo goes up to 120mph. Using a Kph speedo face, I had a original MPH speedo reworked to read up to 120mph.

Speaker plate being adapted for gauges.

Fitted is the other speaker panel is a original Dehne fuel gauge.

However, again those who know dehne gauges will notice this is not exactly standard. It is actually a electric dehne gauge that has been adapted to take the faceplate and chrome surround of a genuine dehne gauge. I did this in the end as the genuine one i had broken, and despite repeated attempt to fix it, it was fragile, and kept braking. I’m pretty pleased with the end result as its the best of both worlds.

Heres how I converted the electrical gauge to take the original face

And the gauge working

The electric sender, with a cap reminiscant of the original dehne cap. Thanks again to Bob at Concept Racing for welding the sender base in, and hand making the cap.


SWF Washer Bottle Fitting
The last bit I did was only a small job, but was an absolute nightmare, to get it looking right, as well as clear of everything!

I've got a glass SWF washer bottle that I was going to put in the car, but I wanted it to look factory, as if it always came with it. I know most people put it in the wheel well next to the brake fluid pot, but I still wanted to run a spare wheel, as I am going to use the car. Thus I came up with this location, up in the under bonnet area.

It took a lot of measuring (a sitting in the bonnet area with the bonnet closed! ), but I finally got it in the right place so the hinge doesn’t hit it when it closes! I'm really pleased with this!


Fuel Tank Breather
If I’m gonna race the bug at any point I’ll also need a tank breather with a rollover valve, as this is a MSA requirement, and its also just a good safety feature. Most of the breathers I found were massive, and way over sized, but I did manage to find a small one in the end which looked OK. I think it looks pretty cool with the copper lines as breather.

The line exits the boot space through a factory hole, and goes to a breather under the tank, attached to the bulk head. Most of this was made from standard brake line fittings.


Exterior Trim
OG handle and badge fitted.

Posh ali fittings and stainless bolts used throughout.

Dont know if thius really fits here, but wiring cover screws replaced with stainless bolts.

I also noticed when I fitted the T bars that they didn’t line up right, so I started making some shims to correct this. These were done in a single piece of aluminium in the end, once I’d got the spacing right.

I have the same problem on the fronts, but these actually needed cutting and re-welding as the need to be spaced the other way. Oh well nothings easy!

Thanks again to Bob at Concept Racing for doing the welding.

Next up was a front number plate mount. Now we all know most cal look owners use the, ‘It must have fell off officer....’ excuse for not running one, but I didn’t want to be stopped all the time. Thus I came up with this quickly removable bracket.

I positioned it slightly back from the t bars so it’s not used as a bumper!!


Pop Outs
This is pretty self explanatory. Here’s the pop outs all fitted up.


Next up i fitted the NOS pair of doors.

The doors didnt come with hinge pins as standard, so stainless steel pins which were threaded at the top were fitted.

Doors were mounted using again more stainless fittings.

Heres a shot of the door internals all freshly painted.


Finished trial build
So here it is. The finished car. (well in terms of trial build).

The all important ragtop.

And the engine. Shown here with the filters i will use on the road.

And the interior.

Here you can see the MotoLita steering wheel the car will run.

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