A long list of thank yous


There are so many people who have helped throughout the long restoration of the car, and I really do appreciate all the help and advice you have given me throughout the long journey. I wouldn’t have made it to this point without you guys (and girls!). Thanks' to you all. There are however some people who deserve special thanks as they have gone above and beyond! Here’s to you.

  • Nat my wife - Firstly, thank you to my gorgeous wife for being (mostly) patient with me about all the hour I have spent in the garage building the car. Also thank you for being understanding about having a engine and gearbox in the front room!
  • Nick and Stevo (Double H Restorations) - Thanks you both for all your amazing work on the car, for tolerating me in the workshop, for all the advice and help, and for being good mates. The car would not have finished the car to such a great standard without all your help.
  • Mum and Dad - Thanks for your support with the car even though I know you thought I was spending way too much money on it, and were probably right.
  • Phil Barker -Thank you for all the help you gave me on the car, from help with bodywork such as fitting the all-important ragtop to running parts around
  • Stretch, Rod, and Graham (The Welshies!) - Thank you all for the help, encouragement, piss taking, trailer loaning, and generally being good mates. Come on now Rodders, finish that f*ck@n Porsche!!
  • Matty Ghia - Thank you for your technical advice, encouragement, and for dragging the car round the country for me.
  • Bob and Claire (Concept Racing) - Thank you both for your help with the car (Bob you are a welding god!!), and for being good friends
  • James Calvert (Stateside Tuning)- Thanks you for all you help and advice over the years, and for helping me out with parts, knowledge, experience, and the funny stories you have shared
  • Lee the Trimmer- Thank you for the amazing job you have done on the interior, your patients with me when I was struggling to find materials, and your understanding with me about all the little details I wanted.
  • Chris (Custom Coach Trimming)- Thank you for the amazing work you did on my headlining and ragtop, and for getting over the numerous problems.
  • Turbo Thomas (Turbo Thomas Exhausts)- Thanks not only for making me an amazing exhaust, but also for being a good and understanding mate.
  • Paul and Phil (Bears Motorsport)- Thank you for building me a cracking gearbox, and for your patience in answering all the stupid questions.
  • Alex ‘Jesus’ Leiserach (VW Heritage)- Thank you for helping me out with parts, but also for being a great friend.
  • Lenny and Susie (West Coast Classic Restoration)- Thank you both for helping me to find the correct material for my interior, answering all my question, and your hospitality when I visited all those years ago.
  • Wayne (The Intergalactic Custom Shop)- Thank you Wayne for straightening my turd of a decklid!
  • Rob next door - Thanks for being a understanding neighbour with me building this car, constant pushing it in and out of the garage, and for the constant ribbing of, 'but it’s a Volkswagen!'
  • Der Kafer Rennfahrer (DKR) VW Drag Racing Club - Thanks for being the motivation for me hurrying up and getting this car finished! I so want a DKR sticker!!
  • Cal-look lounge and Volkszone - I can’t really than a single person, but thank you to the people of both of these forums for the encouragement and technical information you have given during this build.